New Guests and Pack Memberships

WELCOME New Pack-to-be Friends: a 6-hour Behavioral Assessment is required for all dogs for dog safety FOR ALL PROGRAMS. Cost is $18. Appointment required--you must call 865.256.9585 to schedule this. Please have all vaccines up to date and in hand when you come, for your tour we will give you at that time. Once this has been completed, your dog will begin the process of training to become a "pack dog" so that you can come and go as often or little as you need us. For frequent flyers, check out ways to save below. Note: we are not looking for perfect dogs, just non-aggressive to human and other dogs. (We describe aggression as: lunging to bite at any given opportunity at another human or dog. IF you are unsure, call for our Farm Dog Neela to come to you, and do the assessment at your home. Extra fee applies for only serious customers.)

Now Offering 3 ways to save!

Starter Membership: (recommended for the now and again user)

  • Choose ONE of the coupons to use in a year or save 2% off the total bill
    • Stay 5 get the 6th half off
    • Stay 30 days (60 daycare) get a free day (per your dog weight class)
    • Check to see what promotion is running on our Facebook page.
    • SUMMER FUN! Stay 5 days in June or July of 2018, get the 6th day half off AND a free bath with GO-Danna! 

Cost: Free. Just complete the Behavioral Assessment

UPGRADE YOUR MEMBERSHIP for the more frequent users, and save MORE!

Basic: (recommended for those that need PLF 3 or more weeks in a year)

  • Cost is $95/year (limit 20 to be sold starting Jan 2018) When one becomes available we will post it on our website. Currently: 4 open to customers that need us for frequent daycares or extended stay savings. 
  • Save 12% off your total bill, applies to all services and bakery
  • One free bath with GO-Danna of choice

Premium: By private invitation only.

  • Cost is $120/year. Currently 0 available BY INVITATION ONLY as of 4/15/18. This invitation based on a dog's behavior and need for frequency-- for giving back to the other dogs. 
  • Save 15% off your total bill, applies to all services and bakery
  • Two free baths with GO-Danna of choice
  • Canvas PLF bag or a Free Baker’s Dozen, for all New signers

All memberships are good for one year from the date of purchase. If your dog should pass away, we WILL transfer it to another dog in the same year to expire on the same date. Members are free to upgrade should they need to use PLF more than first estimated, with the expiration date remaining the same. Services this includes: Training School, Boot Camp, Extended Stay, Daycare, Bark Bakery, and Grooming. Not included: Training gear or other retail items. All sales of memberships are final. No refunds for any reason. Reservation Deposit required for all guests.

Come meet Hazel Grey Valentine, the Pack alert dog!