Fresh from the Farm's own kitchen, our organic, no-grain, human grade, and farm fresh ingredients are Pack approved and served to all guests. Available for private order by the Baker's Dozen (13) OR as party favors

Little bit about the bakery: Farm Fresh eggs are raised here from the chickens on our land, fed grain and hand-grown fodder that makes the yolks as yellow or even orange as we can get them. Why is this important? The darker the yolk, the higher the content of PROTEIN! We need to keep your dog's blood sugars level from all the fun activites and PROTEIN does that, where grains and other cheap treats will lower it. So sign your dog up for Bark Bakery by just saying so at drop off. Each dog, at their Behavior Assessment, is evaluated for age, activity level, and weight. Based on those numbers, we then feed so many bakery treats to keep them healthy and weight appropriate. (Example: a little Yorkie gets 1-2 a day depending on activity level/age where a 1 year old Golden Doodle gets 6-8 a day depending on length of stay.) We just average the cost per day fed.

Cost: (don't forget to subtract your Pack Membership's value!)

$11.99/wk for guest (save $1). Don't stay the full week, we will have a doggie bag ready for you at pickup to enjoy at home!

$12.99 per Baker's Dozen plus TN sales tax for private order. Free US shipping on 3 or more dozen! Order 6 dozen, get the 7th FREE (plus free shipping.)



Fresh-to-order menu:

Each comes in the shape of your choice: paw, bone, or rabbit with the choice of oatmeal or not. Wrapped in our country gift wrapping. Give them out to your dog's guests as a take home memorandum at your dog's party! Call us: 865.256.9585 to place your order. Visa or Mastercard accepted. We will ship the next day priority mail or you can swing by and pick it up.

Minimum order is in groupings of 5. Cost is $35.99 plus TN tax.

Shipping is available at standard shipping rates. US only. All ingredients are made in the USA. 

Nutritional Facts:

Crude Fiber % 3.7

Crude Protein % 23.9

Crude Fat % 39.0

Moisture % 7.4

TDN % 79.1

Nitrogen % 3.8

Recommendations: this is to be fed as a snack 1-2 times a day based on weight and exercised management. Check with your vet for any questions regarding your dog's diet.

** Customers can opt out of the fresh Bakery by bringing their own Made in the USA treats, high in protein. Ask for a handout to be emailed to you regarding our strict policy. All treats MUST be in original packaging.


  • JAN-FEB: Brownies for Dogs (no chocolate obviously) with a "Box of Chocolates" themed take-home box.
  • MAR-SEPT: Tuna Supreme (pictured)
  • OCT-NOV: Pumpkin Spice
  • DEC: Hot Toddy. The Farm will also make gifts with gift wrapping all month long! Watch our Facebook Page for announcements and details.

Get a FREE sample of what's cooking for all new guests doing their Behavioral Assessments!