Dog Training

Dog Training is actually more complicated than it sounds! If it was easy, all of our dogs would be perfect and not acting like jail break-ers, counter surfers, or jumpers. We have proven our methods get results at an affordable rate. The question is: what is it you want your dog to do or not do that will determine the kind of trainer to hire for your immediate need? Come join our pack of over 2000 trained dogs and counting! 

Our Certified Dog Trainer works your dog in the Pack of trained dogs here at the Farm. This provides a psychological balance AND faster results, making a more complete train. We have to fix how they see themselves first THEN start fixing commands and behaviors. Our Assessment up front will tell you all this information, then your decided how involved you wish to be.

ENROLLMENT IN OUR PACK LEADERSHIP TRAINING SCHOOL (2 days per week of Daycare combined with training): This time ranges from 6 weeks to 12 weeks depending on age and command comprehension of your dog--the Behavioral Assessment will test for that.

Here are the basics: You train your own dog with PLF guiding you both along the way, while we exercise, socialize, and shape the basics. There is a lot of work involved getting your dog to follow you and not react to every impulse it thinks, smells, or sees. BUT, you have PLF in your corner doing 75% of the work while you are at work!  Your Final exam will be to pass both a written and performance test, getting you ready to compete for the Farm Dog Title at 9mo and at a year old test for the CGC exam. Your dog doesn't know the difference between a rabbit, squirrel, or chicken. It just knows to FOLLOW your lead.  Watch this brief video on Canine Good Citizen:

Behaviors Addressed while shaping Obedience: Counter surfing, energy management, socialization with other dogs, interactions with strangers, riding in the car, greeting a guest at the door, pulling on the leash, fear behavior, over excited behavior, basic and advanced obedience, distance training, commands with no food bribes, ignoring all forms of distractions, following hand signals, complete focus on you, behavior and handling in a public place, YOUR energy management when handling ANY dog, and we can address individual dog needs brought up at the initial assessment to see how to address YOUR dog's individual personality quirks. 

When you complete this program, you are now a dog handler and NOT just a dog lover, ready to go on and complete big things OR have a dog you enjoy and that is not stressing you out!  

2-6 week Cage Free Boot Camp: Your dog becomes a "Farm dog" for the allotted time and we do all the work. 3 different handlers are used to help with the dog's understanding of performing, anywhere/anytime you ask. PLF is the ultimate "pressure cooker" for the dog's brain to be overstimulated with: wildlife, vermin, all kinds of humans, all kinds and sizes of dog, etc. This Boot Camp is for severe cases of Brain Lock and will be determined at the Behavioral Assessment up front. We socialize the dog in the pack, fix typical dog problems (biting to hard with play, low self esteem or confidence, anxiety, fear, etc)--things you say are a "breed" problem are typically just "dog" problems,

we train the dog's brain to NOT respond to every thought that comes into its head, manage it's energy so you can then see what "calm submissive" looks like. Call us with what you need managed in your dog. MANNERS MATTER!!! 

Now having trained over 2000 dogs and counting, we are certain one of our programs will fit your dog. All forms of payment are accepted except check and American Express. Payments are accepted in advance of enrollment. Payment due in full at pick up for Boot Camp. No exception.

Please Note: Don't fall into the "Have my dog trained while I am on vacation" trap! We find owners won't do the required reading/homework in preparation to have their dog returned home to them. Remember: this is your dog, and what you put into it on it's return home, is what you will get out. Schedule your dog's training when you know you will be able to do your part.

Customer Comments

"I couldn't believe the difference in my dog! He went from growling at me to looking at me intently as though he were trying to read my mind!" -Sharon D. owner of Romeo

"We did it! Breeze tested and passed the CGC exam with flying colors!" - Knox Co Animal Control officer