Dog Boarding

Cage Free care, with spacious yards on a Farm, in a home setting, with the farming family. A dog walker takes the Pack on a hike. Dog door access and a human to supervise the Pack. Come for a tour and see for yourself (There are also 1000+ pics on our Facebook page for your convenience, see bottom link) All dogs require a Behavioral Assessment to stay. (Appointment required for Pack/Personal safety. Most schedule the tour and Assessment on the same day to save time! Cost is $18 for the required 6 hour stay. Now doing them on Thursdays while you are at work!)

EVERY dog has to be shown how to do this, but once they have, we can use that one to help the next one! After 13 years in the business, we know how to get your dog free of stress, comfortable, playing, and having a great time.  Benefits of a Pack that is taught to unite: no stress symptoms, tired and happy dogs on your return, and psychological balance from this opportunity, for your dog to be it's own form of Nature. We are so sure of our care, we guarantee it. Our reviews done by YOU, speak for themselves. (Side note: out of state friends, with this being cage free, we cannot do a proper screen before day of arrival. Please find someone local in your area, unless you are moving here to the TN Valley area.)

Costs of our Ala-carte Services:

Daycare: $21.50/day (don't forget to subtract your Membership value!) This is drop off/ pick up on the SAME day during business hours. Includes a hike with the Pack and add our Farm-to-Table high protein snacks. IF you are staying overnight, scroll down to the boarding rate.

Dog Boarding: (don't forget to subtract your Pack Membership value!) We charge every 24hr, your drop off time is also your pick up time, or you are charged for another day. No half days allowed. See our New Pack Membership and Promo link for ways to save. Call us for a written estimate for long stays to be emailed. A non-refundable $50 deposit is required to make a reservation. Charges apply by the reservation made. PLEASE NOTE: A 2-day minimum stay required. 

1-30lbs is $26*

30-60lb is $28*

60-80lbs is $30*

*Subject to crate size

All guests sleep in individual crates at night, to then also eat their individual meals you bring from home. For those wishing to keep their pet out of the crate at night, a sleeping service can be provided for an extra $15/night. Just let us know at the Behavioral Assessment that you wish for this to be part of their individual plan of care.

All guests are required to eat a HIGH protein snack twice a day (feed in quantity of their size/weight/activity level/length of stay. (see the Bark Bakery link)

Dog Baths: (don't forget to subtract your membership value!)

$15 for dogs under 30lbs

$20 for dogs 30-60lbs

$25 for dogs 60-80lbs

-include nails and glands with Puppy Luv Farms' Signature GO-Danna. One hour notice before pickup required during business hours. All after hours services are: $25.

  • The owner is a nurse, certified in CPR, and dog training. She will assess your dog daily for: stress, dehydration, weight loss, injury, etc.

Please bring a copy of current vaccines from your vet. No vaccines, no stay. No exceptions.

**Extra fee for cost of labor to all major holidays of: Memorial Day Weekend (26-28th for 2018), July 4th (1st-8th for 2018), Thanksgiving (21-25th), and Christmas (22nd-30th for 2018). Use one or more of these dates, the fee applies to cover our labor costs (We have to bring extra help in and pay them ore to work a holiday). Your dog will be sent home with a signature GO-Danna, bath with seasonal scent, and custom photo. Each holiday will vary in additional offers--follow on Facebook for those and promotions. This applies to all level of memberships.

*** Any reservations over 10 days will need to be paid in full, up front at drop off. Email or call us, and we can send an invoice that allows payments in advance of stay as well for budgeting. This applies to all levels of memberships.