Dogs can see BOTH realms: physical and spiritual. That isn't a shock to anyone who has owned a dog for any length of time. We all know our dogs see things we cannot. Humans are very good at giving a higher intelligence to the animal, but then never applying it to themselves. YOU can see both realms as well, if you are paying attention. 

Dogs see you in color similar to a PET scan: blue is cold, red is hot, orange and yellow are in the middle. The middle colors is why your dog is confused: lukewarm. You are not fully committing to your calm state but you are also not fully committing to your upset at them state either. So the dog then figures: Welp if I ignore them long enough, they will eventually give up and go back to blue or turn red from their anger" and here we are with you hiring a trainer :D Don't worry, we have all been there, I am making this point for you to understand that the LIGHT you give off, is what they are looking for. 

Over the last 20yrs, but especially the last 10, agencies like PETA/HSUS (Humane Society of the United States that own all state run dog shelters) receive funding from the ASPCA commercials, pity stories they completely made up (along with what breed the dog is) to get you to pay them a fee for a stray they found, but your tax dollars ALREADY paid for, have managed to get everyone feeling sorry for their dog to the point that loving them now means NOT correcting them but handing them everything on a silver spoon. 

I would like to now make you think a little harder: what is it that you need to create light in the physical realm--the part you can touch and see? A - and + charge, correct? This same principle applies in the spirit realm of light as well. Creation understands what its Creator designed. PERIOD. You and I did not create this dog. Its Creator did. And that Creator is a Spirit. In His realm, LIGHT has a - and + charge to be called LOVE. You must be willing to LOVE a dog by SHAPING it with properly timed corrections. Otherwise, you are running on a false positive where you will get a spark but no actual LIGHT. So help keep your dog on the "straight and narrow" by teaching it where the lines/boundaries are WITH A LEASH FIRST. The path to destruction for all of us is wide and easy--exactly what a false spark loves--a crazy dog. 

Now that you understand "energy"....another name for LIGHT, let's look at the way you currently interact with your dog. Body language is 75% of his/her understanding of you. If you are calm, quiet, patient, standing up straight like a general, and speaking in a deep tone, you will read as blue light to the dog. If you are speaking in a high pitched, excited, impatient, anxious tone while stooped over you are now orange. And your dog doesn't know what to do with orange, so they become anxious or fearful waiting for some kind of clarity (some will even develop health issues like colitis). As you get more impatient and your frustration turns to anger, you are now red. Oh, your dog knows exactly what to do with red: run or stand their ground and bite or cower down. People breaking into your home have a high heart rate because their INTENT is evil, so they read as red also. So your dog will respond to you the same as it does a burglar. 

Spend some time pondering these concepts. Don't confuse blue light for catering to the dog with an attitude of not being sure of yourself. That's yellow, and the dog doesn't know what to do with that either. They want a BLUE LEADER: calm, assertive, direct, clear, and one that steps out with confidence. Then they can learn to be calm and quiet too and not anxious, fearful, or broken. They will then follow you to the end of Earth and time itself. There is coming a time very soon, when your dog's DNA will be repaired and they too will have eternal LIGHT of life in them. Make sure that everything you teach them now, is something that Eternity wants to keep around.

I promise you this: any of us who think we know better than our Creator what Creation needs, so we refuse to listen to Nature's natural order/design and do it His way, will find ourselves in a world of chaos and confusion of insanity. Nobody wants a crazy dog! We can all thank the PETA/HSUS/ASPCA/SPCA for their contribution to the society of insanity of crazy dogs they keep recycling through the shelter re-charging every taxpayer over and over again with the next saddest story, while they take our right to own an animal completely away with unattainable standards passed through legislation DAILY, over working our courts and costing us even more money, while out the back door killing and thinning the dog population at unbelievable rates. All because ONE story so rare is now holding the rest of the population hostage, but your money from the ASPCA commercial got it front and center on the news!

This farmer has had about enough of that. And this handout is her, helping to take a stand. My dogs are my property, and I will answer to my Creator for how I have treated them the same as you will--not the god of money and the abuse they have brought to our society trying to love a dog into a silver spoon lifestyle--"if you can't afford it, then you cannot own it" mentality. Even the majority of vet offices have bitten into this apple. 

Education awakens us to the world around us. I hope you are now awakened and will help me protect YOUR right to own a dog.

Tip from this trainer: if you are feeling like you are going to go from orange to red. Stop. Take a breath. And pray. You want light? What do you think happens when you pray? LIGHT YOURSELF UP and go to BLUE so your dog can then follow your lead and mirror you!