Unbalanced vs. Untrained Defined

What’s the Difference between “Unbalanced” and “Untrained”?

Confused? Don’t worry, so are most Certified Dog Trainers.

Unbalanced refers to how a dog sees itself in relation to its own kind and how the pack sees this dog. Many factors can play in the unbalanced nature of a dog–mostly human influence by the human making the dog something it is not. Most common a human child.

THEN when it is asked to be a dog with its own kind, it has no idea how!

In Nature, anything unbalanced will be warned via an alarm bark, then corrected with a bump that can then have teeth waiting for the unbalanced dog to snap out of it, then killed and left behind as the Pack sees unbalance as to high of a liability risk from predators. So if your dog is the one “getting picked on” at the dog park, now you know why–you humanized it to much and created an unbalanced dog and the Pack is trying to correct yours. Watch out, dogs at the dog park are typically unbalanced to and they don’t correct properly and WILL over correct and hurt (even kill) your dog.

Point being pet parent, this is our fault as a human race (some of you inherited a dog with these problems) and its time to call in the professional PACK TRAINER. Humans have unbalanced humans in their world too: Bi-polar, Schizophrenia, panic attacks, depression, low self esteem, Alcoholics, etc. In dogs its: Neurotic, Separation Anxiety, Anxious, Fearful, etc. Untrained now should be clearer to you having defined unbalanced. Untrained refers to the dog’s understanding of a human’s English word (or any language) and that word has a specific action. Example: Sit, stay, come, etc. The confusing part we hear and see at the Farm ALL the time is “We took the dog to Basic Obedience, so why is he acting like this now.” So we have a neurotic dog that can sit. Not helpful when looking at the bills for property damage to the human home. The biggest missing piece of the puzzle we see is the humans will “train the dog” on (example) impulse control of pulling at the leash while walking, then assume like with the word sit training the dog is “trained” so never has to use a training technique or tool again. It just simply…does not work that way. The dog has to be MAINTAINED daily–EVERY TIME the dog is put on the leash corrections and anticipation of corrections to distractions MUST BE MAINTAINED. Pet Parents in our experience just simply are not that committed to their dogs.

You will see regression in a dog that is: not exercised DAILY, has a change in environment, or schedule. Be ready with your training tools in all of these instances. You want to get rid of unbalance in your dog? The KEY is exercise and socialization with Balanced dogs. Don’t waste your money on this kind of problem with an individual trainer–they MUST HAVE a Pack of balanced dogs in their tool box . Watch this video for a chuckle on some unbalanced ducks! (Its not just dogs that humans can mess up!)