Two week Training Boot Camp

This is reserved for the most severest behaviors that needs the balance Pack to help your dog to un-wind it's brain. You probably don't know what any of that means, that's ok, that is what the Behavioral Assessment is for. Call us with what your dog is doing, and we will take it from there if it is in our area of expertise. References available. Here is what to expect...

The 2 week Schedule here at PLFt: 

• Day 1-2 Orientation and Observation—this allows time for your dog to settle in with the PACK and develop a bond with me. I cannot ask a dog that does not trust me, to then follow my rules and work to please me. I will be observing for established habits the dog has come in with, and developing a plan of care to then undo those habits 

• Day 3-7 Establishing a new schedule with your dog, get the new rules in place, enforcing those rules, and using the PACK’s help to “speak Dog” the whole way along. These are the most crucial days for breakthrough of understanding on your dog’s part. (Please note: if at any time in this process we find a “wired wrong” problem, indicating it’s NOT a training issue, the training will be stopped, and you will be notified to have the dog evaluated by a vet.) This time is when we are “un-doing the old bad habits, and teaching the dog new ones.” 

• Day 8-11 This is when we will be baiting your dog and using other handlers here at PLF to pre-test the dog. Baiting in the dog fighting world is a bad word. But for your dog here, it’s a good one. It just simply means we will be creating and establishing scenarios to try to get your dog to respond the old way, correct him/her, and make them do the new way over and over. 

• Day 12-14 This is testing days! We will essentially do the baiting, but instead of doing it over and over, expect your dog to do it correctly on the FIRST time and in ANY location we ask. If we don’t get that response, we isolate the problem area, bait till we get the correct response, wait a few hours, then test again. If I am not getting the responses I am looking for, I will be contacting you to request another 5 days to keep your dog AT NO CHARGE till I do get what I want. I will work very hard to NOT have to do this!

At Pick Up, what to expect :

• On the day of pickup, it’s now YOUR opportunity to take over where we are leaving your dog off. Expect to be shown what your dog can do,  (we do like owners to come the end of the 1st week to visit the dog, and learn pack walk in order to shave some training down the last day. There is a lot of information, and this takes a large chunk out. We will also cover any training equipment you will need to purchase for pick up as well.), we will cover each topic point on the estimate and care plan, then expect your dog to perform as requested and shown by the trainer.  Please have all equipment with you at pick up so we can show you settings and its proper use.

• Plan to spend about 1-3 hours with the trainer. No need to take notes, we are going to also send you home with a WRITTEN care plan of what we have accomplished and what we are showing you what and how to do. This in person session is your opportunity to observe and ask questions. Don’t hold back! Remember, you paid for this!

Understand this is a COMPREHENSIVE program designed specifically to your dog’s needs. This means that ALL PARTS of the program we design are made to work together. So don’t pick and choose what you want to follow! We are successful at this for a reason. Make the effort to follow the program, and finish up the total 6 week time frame (2 with us, 4 with you).

• Go home and commit to PRACTICING! I have been in this business for 25yrs (and grew up with a family of dog trainers) and the one thing I hear all the time is “well the dog will do it for the trainer, but not for me.” NOOOOO!! You have paid for a program that we are then giving you the tools to perform, but if you don’t practice, you will be in that group of people that “paid the money for a failed dog.” The dog didn’t fail, YOU FAILED THE DOG. So practice! Stay in contact with us of how it's going, PLF has dogs and knowledge we can bring in at any point to help. But YOU must stay committed to see this through for the 4 weeks! Help us to help YOU! Dog's learn by association--remember, the last time they were at your address their old behaviors were allowed. So prepare yourself to implement the new plan IMMEDIATELY. Most families find a 1-2 day break from work help to set a routine up at home. 

• Call me after you have practiced 10-14 days and set up an appointment for your FREE in-home session!  You have already paid for this, it’s our courtesy to you. We want to get you and your dog over the last hump to success to finish your 6 wk goal STRONG! This is when the trainer will see how it's going, check for regression (backwards of where we all want the dog to be), and the forward motions we need to implement to get you where you want to be in the near future for the last two weeks of the program. For those interested in the CGC testing, we will help you to wean off the training gear to be ready to take that exam--assuming the dog is ready to be weaned--and help you to know where you are at.