Pack Maintenance

Cage free sounds like "put them in a room and let them run!" Who wouldn't want that for any dog? Well, for a day, it's fine for most dogs and is why we all use the dog park. But here's a tip from the Dog Lady: Over stimulation is as much of a risk as stress. A dog must be able to shut his brain down, calm down, eat, and sleep like anybody else. Over stimulation shows up as loose, runny stools that can get watery, unable to settle down in the crate at night--spinning in a contant circle, running endless laps in the play area, dropping weight quickly in a short period of time, and even may be eating but just cannot consume enough calories. Making sure that the Pack get "rest and digest" time is imperative to their balanced health as much as exercise and diet are. Make sure your dog facility of choice is aware of this in your initial tour and if your dog is a high exercise or hyper dog, know how to get them into a calm submissive state of mind. Pack EXTRA food and HIGH protein snacks for your dog's stay. Owners may even want to request appropriate meds from their vet to help for long stays to induce restfulness. Confinement, darkness, cool temps, etc all help to get the dog to unlock its own brain to then enter into the required calm state in which they will then eat, get a full belly, and get sleepy. Nature in it's proper process.