How to Peel a hard-boiled FRESH Farm egg...


Ever tried to peel a fresh egg out of a chicken? Well, I have, many times. I have asked some of my Homesteading friends to chime in on their way of doing it. May as well make it fun in the kitchen--who knew chicken eggs could be so entertaining! 

Here's what I do: Boil the egg in water for 10 mins. Drain. Fill the pan with cold water in the sink till the heat of the egg no longer warms the water up. LIGHTLY crack the egg to allow the cold water to enter the shell. Let it sit in the cold water for 5 mins (if it gets warm, add more cold water). Then peel and eat. I still have some though that won't peel willingly. 

Here's some other things to try:

AN said: Put the egg in a muffin tin and bake for at 350 for 20mins. Let them rest. Peel

JSC said: steam them. Put the eggs in a colander over a large pot of water. This allows the steam to escape. Time: 15mins (See pic for demonstration of a home set up)

RHB said: age them for a month --works every time ( old are these eggs in the store?)

IH said: age them for 2 weeks

JG said: I take mine directly from the fridge and put into an already boiling pan. Cover and turn the heat off. Let them sit in the pan on the hot burner with the heat off for 15 mins. Then put the pan in the sink and run cold water in the pan while flushing the hot out. Refrigerate for 30 mins then crack the bottom and run under water. The water floods the shell and makes separation easy.

Additives to try: vinegar, salt, or baking soda in the boiling water. 

Tools to try: a spoon was suggested to peel easier

We hope you have fun trying these methods out in your kitchen. Guess the safest answer is crack that sucker and make an omelet. Doesn't it make you wonder how fresh your eggs are that you get from the local store? Think on that one for a minute, then text PLF with your order so we can get you the freshest eggs from the farm! :)