Dog Daycare College Syllabus--12 wks (updated)


THIS IS 12 WEEKS OF 2 DAYS A WEEK DAYCARE/School FOR PLF to teach the dog its cue words using the other trained PACK dogs that reside at PLF AND address behaviors as we shape a growing and developing brain. This way, the dog grows into the idea that good behavior is normal and YOU learn how to maintain YOUR dog for its lifetime! You get homework at the end of the 2nd day so that the dog is listening to you as well, having worked with the trainer at pickup for about 10 mins (PLF already taught the dog, now we just have to show you how to do it--great for families on the go!)

Cost is $1140 (includes snacks and training packet) for a weekly charge of $90 (includes Farm-to-table bakery too!) in payments with a $60 plus tax for training packet the FIRST week only should you wish to not pay for everything at once. (Does not apply to weekly payments)

This includes:  the required training packet for everything your dog will need for the 12 week daycares, dog walking, AND socialization CAGE FREE:  ALL training gear, squirt bottle, toy, PLF notes, final exam written, final performance exam, and any AKC exam fees for your first attempt. (you provide the treats at home). 

PLF Guarantee: your dog will pass it’s part of the testing and certification. All dogs must be tested up front to design a custom training program and we will go over it with you in writing to ensure this program is right for your dog before getting started. (Behavior Assessment is 1 day of daycare/you tour then go on to work. We will have everything ready at pick up. Cost $18)

PLF is here and committed to your dog, if you think you are going to not see the practicing and reading materials/written final exam through, sign the dog up for Boot Camp (See the end of this handout). 

Week 1: Introduction and Play Time. Dog learns Social greeting skills of being in a Pack, proper ritual, dog door use and migration instinct, Pack Walk formation and training with PLF staff, and what a boundary is. Any low self esteem (affects the stay command!) will begin work as well. Please have reading completed by the beginning of week 3. Here we begin addressing ANY personality imbalance to start bringing the dog back to a balanced and calmer state of being. Be prepared for Ms Sona to know what is going on or not going on at home, from just having observed the dog at PLF in the pack. She’s good! :) 

Week 2 Homework: Heel while walking and learning to refocus that nose/eyes on YOU! 

Week 3 Homework: Sit, stay, Come and stay from a distance all in one week! Begin implementation of Pack Leader rules in your training folder. All of them!

Week 4 Homework: Quiz 1 done on the SECOND day of the week. Be ready! Quiz is in your folder

Week 5 Homework: Down command. This will be worked in conjunction with stopping counter surfing behavior

Week 6 Homework: Down from a distance. This is a convenient command to use from your chair! :) Riding in the car. 

Week 7 Homework: Greeting a Guest/Stranger. Begin performing Sit, stay, come, down, and down from a distance with JUST hand signal, no food by the end of this week! Practice hard! You can wean to a toy here (See Quiz 2 in your green folder)

Week 8: QUIZ 2 -- NEW! Pass this quiz and get your AKC PUPPY STAR CERTIFICATION

Week 9 Homework: Watch me. Begin recognizing the state of mind your dog is in and correcting it FIRST before giving a command. This is also an off leash advanced command to refocus the dog from ALL distractions (Farm animals, squirrels, other dogs, kids, anything). Then give a hand signal for them to get up on a chair or couch. We will start working your dog here at PLF with load up/crate up command with an obstacle course in prep for the final exam!

Week 10 Homework: Leave it. Pick up your WRITTEN take home exam! Wean off the training collar onto a show lead. The FINAL EXAM IS WITH NO TRAINING GEAR PER AKC RULES.

Week 11 Homework: Receive your written part of the exam (open book) over reading materials. Schedule a public meeting with the trainer at Rural King. We want to make sure you can handle your dog ANYWHERE and under ANY circumstances! .Here is where your now found HANDLING skills comes in!

Week 12: Turn in your written exam. Performance exam will be done the FIRST day of your 2 day cycle so we can have all graduation paperwork ready the second day. Take your dog on a 2 mile HIKE. Work them with a backpack.  Watch the YouTube video by AKC Farm Dog so you know what you are training for. 

Graduation! Certificate issued by PLF, photos taken,  and your test results given . Got an AKC number? Even dogs that have no papers can get one so that their then new Title of Puppy Star and FDC can be listed as an achievement. See AKC website on how to get one. 


Well, it's about the brain. Who old is it? How much impulse control does the dog have? Bad habits? High drives? The older a dog gets, the more effort the brain needs to be shaped. A puppy, though it has the attention span of a Goldfish, is easy to focus with food and is eager to please it's human. An adult brain, used to care about all that, but now a squirrel is funner than you are and the dog's focus is now not on pleasing you. So back to the main question: the difference. In Training School, we can Socialize, manage Energy need, and teach the eager to learn pup something new easily. Boot Camp requires more focus of discipline--sometimes shaping the animal every 2 secs. Literally staying so consistent the dog can't go back into its old behaviors. Let face it, what human has this kind of time? Anyone of our customers who are concerned they won’t have the time to do all the practice or if you feel like you don’t have the help you need at home to tackle such a big project, can put their dog in Boot Camp. PLF is in your corner, either way!