Do Dogs Go to Heaven? Testimonial

Honestly, until this past weekend of Oct 6,2018, I really thought not. Maybe they don't, but what I do know is God uses Nature to serve His purposes. I can prove it! 

Deborah, a judge of Israel's building to be a nation; and called the "Mother of Israel," records in her praise for the battle won over the Caaninites in Judges 5: 20-22 that she called for nature as ordered by the Most High God:

20 From the heavens the stars (arch angels) fought, from their courses they fought against Sisera.
21 The river Kishon swept them away, the age-old river, the river Kishon. March on, my soul; be strong!
22 Then thundered the horses’ hooves— galloping, galloping go his mighty steeds.
I meditated on this account and God gave me a vision of Nature responding to battles being fought in the future. Quickly, my path history of 15y of dog training flashed before my eyes, and I saw Neela, my Husky, running with a group of animals to answer the call of the General Lord! I called out "that's my dog!" She briefly looked at me, I could tell she knew me, but she had a purpose/order to fulfill of her own. I asked the Lord, "my Neela?" He said, "I need animals of highest intelligence to serve Me. This intelligence makes them aware of a Higher Power and calling! All the dogs you have trained were to build My army." You can have them, Lord, I said. They are yours. I am humbled to know this gift had a purpose this whole time.

I annointed Neela with oil and prayed for her, dedicating her to God for His purposes. 

Don't refuse your dog, this highest honor and fall into the trap of PETA and HSUS that believe any inpulse control training or its tool are "cruel."

We can all go to church, but it doesn't mean we met God. You CANNOT LOVE YOUR DOG INTO OBEDIENCE. Expecting something of them increases their intelligence and they become more aware of something bigger then themselves and how to complete a task on order. Learn to use the tools constructively and teach them to develop a higher intelligence, always remembering that to them, YOU are their god until God needs them! _8501109.jpg