Buddy The Dachshund--Low Self Esteem

Buddy the Dachshund is here today to start fixing a very low self esteem. The cycle goes: "OMG! THEY'RE SNIFFING ME" Buddy screams. Starts to panic. Heart rate goes SUPER high. Runs. Result: Buddy just acted like a rabbit so NOW the other dog sees the energy change from dog to rabbit and gives chase. When caught, Buddy gets hurt and plays victim while the dog who gave chase is then seen as the 'bully' in today's society. But truth is, Buddy the Dachshund needs to grow up, get some dog-cahonas, and ignore or growl/nip a little (not to much, gotta shape that too) to lay a clear healthy boundary down so the other dog leaves him alone if he don't want to play. Takes me 5 days to fix this issue. Here's Buddy saying "she has thoughts to murder me. I can tell." Then "wait. Maybe not..."

Folks don't realize, a low self esteem = a weak "stay" command hold, separation anxiety, stress that leads to GI vet visits, and eventually biting out of fear. A human who "sooths" instead of corrects the dog is encouraging the brain, until finally, the human owner has to rehome or euthanize the animal.

To often, people fall into the humanized world of animal believing that they must do "psycho-therapy and medications" for their dogs. The truth is, the Creator of the Universe ALREADY provided everything we need on earth for Nature to fix itself. Sometimes the most simple things are the hardest to comprehend that it could be, THAT simple. Follow Buddy's progress on our Facebook page with updated posts as he returns.